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The origins of Sanduguan Kali are efficiency of combat, with an especially cautious approach to weaponry.


An unbroken warrior lineage

Sanduguan Kali was born of the traditional combative survival arts from different regions and ethnicities of the Philippines. Sanduguan comes from two Tagalog words, "Isang Dugo" meaning one blood or the union of blood. Referring to the figurative meaning," Blood Brothers in Arms", putting our relationships, human connection and compassion before money and politics.

SD Kali is a bladed art, and has had many influences throughout the Philippines and the U.S. The founder, Punong Guro Kayan is a fourth generation practitioner of Filipino Martial Arts which can be traced back to his great grandfather Lolo Imo from Mindanao (pictured to the right in the photo).

The mission and purpose of the organization is to preserve and develop the dying arts and culture of the Philippines with the highest integrity and respect, using the Art only in defense of human life.


The ranking system of Sanduguan Kali is only for preserving the integrity of the Art. SD Kali is about Art and Brotherhood. It is a nonpolitical organization, we do not focus on titles, hierarchy nor positions. Ultimately, your dedication will prove your skill, not your time or title.

Punong Guro- (Tree Teacher) is the chief instructor, founder and developer of the systems. There is only one Punong Guro.

Kahoy Guro- (Seasoned Head Instructor) are the individuals who have dedicated their lives to preserving and developing the Art. Often a specialist in one or more weapons or systems.

Guro- (Teacher) are the members who have proven their true commitment to the organization and are certified full instructors of one or more of the systems. Once a member has reached this level of certification, this individual will no longer pay for seminars nor instructor training.

Tagapagturo-(Assistant Instructor) are members who are now certified to teach Sanduguan Kali privately or publicly at their discretion. No one below this rank is authorized to teach SD Kali.

Level 3 Practitioner- Members who are now authorized to start their own private training group and eligible to be a regional representitive of the organization. 

Level 2 Practitioner- Members who can demonstrate the basic curriculum with integrity and character.

Level 1 Practitioner- These individuals are being evaluated on their character and intentions. This is a preliminary period.


Punong Guro Kayan Cajudo


  Punong(Tree) Guro(Teacher) Kayan started his FMA journey at age 17 with Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan of Pambuan Arnis Tulisan Caballero in Florida 1998. Later traveling to the Philippines to train with different intructors of different arts, regions and ethnicities throughout the Philippines as well as California and the southeast US. Eventually traveling to the southern Island of Mindanao to train under his uncle, an instructor of the Illonggo system of Fernantuad. Living in the Philippines was profoundly influential on his development as a martial artist and Tactical instructor. He has had many instructors, influences and inspirations from other Filipino and south east Asian arts. He has fought in the Paete tournament, a "no armor, full contact" stick fight in Laguna province of the Philippines.

  Guro Kayan wanted to develop a system of high efficiency and low politics. To bring reality as well as  physical fitness and conditioning back to FMA. A cautious approach to weaponry that should be taken seriously, not romantisized. NOT A REGERGITATED COMPILATION OF OTHER SYSTEMS, instead an authentic and deeply distilled interpretation and expression of the most efficient concepts, elements and principles of combat.

  Guro Kayan is the Bladesmith of Sanduguan Kali. Taking his knowledge of blade combat into the design and balance of the distinctive handcrafted weaponry collection.

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