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Onsite Seminars are the best way to find authentic training through community and community building. Prices depend on location and number of participants. Contact admin to host an SD Kali seminar in your town.

Private Lessons

Private training can be held locally or onsite in a school, gym, public park or a backyard. Local central Florida lessons are $90 for a 1.5 hour with a certified instructor. Orlando area.

Group Training

Group private training can be a more economical option to individual private lessons.

  • Two students for $100.

  • Three students for $150

  • 4 person max for $200.

This is the estimate for the minimum 1.5 hour intensive session. Prices for central Florida only.

Contact for prices in your location.

Online Training Program

The online training program is meant to be a supplement to your live personal training with your instructor. It was designed to be studied in its entirety. IT IS BY NO MEANS COMPARABLE TO TRAINING WITH A CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR, but can be a valuable study guide especially for students living far from training groups and instructors. Completing your "Homework" will prepare you for the advanced techniques and concepts you will learn in person.